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Returns and Exchanges

Our goal at Invest Antiques is to provide the best possible service, and to ensure to the best of our capabilities that you are fully aware of the item(s) you are buying. Due to the age and history of antiques, it is expected that, because of their 100+- year history, these antiques are likely to have incurred damage, wear and tear, and may even show evidence of repairs. 
Our return and exchange policy is in line with Australian Consumer Law, which states:
“A customer can seek compensation under certain circumstances, commonly referred to as the 'right to repair, replacement or refund'.
Cases in which a refund is required include those where the goods:
  • have a fault the customer could not have known about at the time of purchase
  • do not do the job the customer was led to believe they would 
  • do not match a sample they were shown 
  • aren't as they were described
  • are defective”
Rights as a trader
 Don't have to provide a refund if:
  • no proof of purchase is offered
  • the customer simply changes their mind
  • the customer bought them for someone else who doesn't want them
  • the goods have been damaged after the purchase
  • the customer knew, or should reasonably have known, about any faults when buying the goods (e.g. if they were purchased as seconds). However, if a second has a fault the customer was not made aware of when the item was bought, the customer would be entitled to a refund, repair or exchange
Transportation and Insurance
 In the transportation of antiques (goods), the purchaser is responsible for insurance of the goods purchased, and Invest Antiques is only responsible for the condition of the goods purchased until they have been taken into the position of the employees of the relevant transport company; i.e., as soon as the transport company workers start to pack or carry the goods, the transport company becomes responsible for the condition of those goods and, therefore, this will need to be included in the customer’s insurance coverage. The same applies if the customer arranges for non-professional people -  such as friends - to transport goods in a private or hired vehicle.
This policy applies regardless of whether Invest Antiques is arranging the transport on the customer’s behalf, or all transport arrangements are being made by the customer. It is strongly recommended, therefore, that the customer arrange for the insurance coverage of the goods purchased.
Invest Antiques can arrange transport, and will receive no commission from transport companies. However, the sole decision of which transport company to use will be left to the discretion of the purchaser. Caveat: The contracting of services of only reputable companies, skilled in the transportation of antiques is advised and that all goods being transported are adequately insured.
Lay By
All purchase deposits will be ten percent ( 10 %) of the total purchase price, and the goods must be paid in full within fourteen (14) days or contracted purchase date; otherwise, none of the deposit will be refunded to customer, but will be retained in its entirety by Invest Antiques. Nevertheless,  with prior written agreement between customer and Invest Antiques, that fourteen-day payment-in-full date may be extended.