Our Antiques

Our Unique & Amazing Antiques


Every piece of Invest Antiques furniture has been hand selected. We have striven to locate and acquire only antiques of amazing quality and exquisite  detail. We insist they be not only unusual, but also eye-catchingly beautiful, and designed to establish a personal connection with its admirer, while conveying its very own unique story.  We also ensure that each of our antique pieces will be a coveted asset in your home, office, or shop. On one hand, you will find them quite practical; on the other, they are also pieces of impeccable art you will enjoy and cherish, and others will admire. 

Invest specialises in heavily carved furniture, mainly from France and England. In times gone past, the rich and famous of both countries were accustomed to using heavily carved furniture to furnish their grand castles and affluent homes, in order flaunt their wealth and social, status to   friends, peers, and circles of economic influence.